Class B automatic transmisjon

Vi hjelper deg fra start til førerkort!

Class B automatic transmisjon

The first thing you need to consider when starting on the road to a driver's license on a passenger car is whether you want training on the manual gearbox or the automatic car. We at Start Trafikkskule offer both options, so it's entirely up to you on what you feel comfortable with. 

If you choose to take the licence on automatic gearbox, then the training is similar. And the only thing you need to do if you want to change to manual gear is a new practical driving test.

We often get questions about how many driving lessons you need, and it is impossible to give a facet answer as this is very individual. What everyone needs regardless of level is mandatory lessons. This is guiding lesson step 2 and 3 and safety course on track and safety course on the road, and then it also comes driving hours as needed. We have both package prices on training or we have good prices if you do not know your need completely and will drive running hours.

We know that choosing the right traffic school is difficult. We therefore give new students a free class B test lesson *. So you can try to see if we are the right driving booth for you before you decide.

There is a maximum of one test hour per. pupil.

For more info or available test lessons, contact us.

* The offer applies to students who have not started mandatory lessons.

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